Club / DA Rules

To make camping and caravanning safe and enjoyable for all members we have several rules which we ask you to abide by. Failure to do say may result in being asked to leave a meet.
For the full set of club rules, please consult your Club Handbook.

6 Metre Rule
All units must be a minimum of 6 metres apart. You may choose to pitch further away than this, we just ask that you consider how much space is available on the site.

5mph Speed Limit
Please remember to drive at no more than 5mph on all sites (walking pace). This is to protect the fields, children and pets as well as keep disruption to a minimum.

Under no circumstances should a learner or underage driver operate a vehicle on site.

Site opening time
The steward must by the first person on site to comply with the Camping Exemptions Certificate. Please do not try to access the site before the advertised opening time.

All Quiet
Between 23:00 and 07:00 there should be no noise on site. This is for the benefit of your fellow campers. The ‘no noise’ rule includes no vehicle movement during the all quiet time.

Unless otherwise specified, all refuse must be taken home to be disposed of. There will be refuse points at temporary holiday sites.

We welcome all pets to our meets, we just ask that you stick to the following rules:

  • All pets must be kept on a lead at all times (unless contained in your own unit).
  • All mess must be cleared up immediately and disposed of appropriately.
  • No pets, including dogs, are allowed at the drinking water points.

Fire Regulations

It is advised that all units have a clearly marked, filled fire bucket outside of their unit.  All units must be spaced in a way that does not block access to anywhere on the site in the case of an emergency.

Water and Chemical Toilet Waste
Drinking water and Elsan points will always be marked clearly. Under no circumstances should any part of your toilet be taken to a drinking water point.

Booked Meets and Deposits
Some meets are set at booking essential, this is normally due to limited pitches at the venue. The DA will require a non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of booking.  Any appeal for deposit needs to be made in writing to the Secretary.