Committee vacancies for next year

Colin, Lyn and Amanda are standing down from the Committee at the AGM  in February 2021, so we need people to come forward to take on the following roles:
Secretary:- looking after the admin. 
Sites Officer :- All 2021 venues are already booked and Colin will assist anyone interested in taking on this role.
Equipment Officer:- There is not much to this role –  picking up any equipment needed for any meets from our Stores, trailer with Marquees, signs, etc. and carrying out an annual audit of all equipment. 

Treasurer Kevin Butler has been proposed and accepted by the Committee. 
Anyone else wishing to help on Committee or in any other way is always appreciated.

Treasurer needed!

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I would like to remind everyone that The Royal County of Berkshire DA still need a Treasurer for next year. The position needs to be filled by the end of the month,  otherwise we will have no RCBDA.

PLEASE, if you know someone who would be prepared to take this position on, let any committee member know ASAP.
I’m sure Lynn, our present Treasurer, would be willing to help someone to understand what needs to be done.

At the moment, obviously there’s not a lot going on, but we desperately need to fill this Committee position by the end of the month.

I know we don’t know what’s going to happen in 2021 but one thing’s for sure NO TREASURER, NO RCBDA!

Colin Shearer

Wellington Country Park THS Cancelled 13-07-2020

The THS 14-31st August, has been CANCELLED by WCP.  Due to the complications of COVID19 there were lots of issues to overcome and the site was worried about our safety.

Although we now have the go-ahead for camping, the new regulations involved are quite complicated.  Keep an eye here and in our Facebook group for any updates about meets in the future.

July Meets cancelled – 10-6-2020

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that I have to notify you that the C&CC have cancelled all of July’s meets, so Goulders,3-5 July, Church Paddock Cookham 17-19th July, and  Westfields Farm 24-26 July, are all off.
I have informed these venues.
I have been informed that, currently, all Meets and THSs for August and beyond are continuing but this is subject to change?
At the moment our THS at WCP is still in the mix🤞,except the Park is currently closed and I’m not sure when or if it will open in time?

Thanks Colin Shearer, Sites Officer.

All meets, THSs and meetings cancelled


COVID-19:- All RCBDA Activity  is cancelled with immediate effect.

The Executive Committee of the Camping and Caravanning Club have taken the decision that until further notice all Club meets, runs, meetings including committee meetings and AGMS should cease.

They will continue to monitor the situation closely, and in due course will issue guidance on returning to ‘business as usual’